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The name “Salt Block Ministries” comes from the mineral supplement blocks used on farms and ranches, which provides the essential minerals that are lacking in the diet of both the livestock and the wildlife on these farms and ranches.

In the same way, Salt Block Ministries has partnered with the TreeLife Ministries Uganda (an indigenous ministry team, approved and registered with the Uganda government) to provide supplements (see Strategy) for on-going ministry in Uganda by indigenous leaders.

These partnerships with the TreeLife Ministries of Uganda enable their own people to pursue their vision of providing for the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of their villages.


Salt Block Ministries partners with the TreeLife Ministries of Uganda in the following ways:

  • Salt Block Ministries partners with student pastors, teachers, doctors, and nurses by providing scholarships ($150/month), which enables these students to go to school to be equipped for the calling of God upon their lives.
  • Salt Block Ministries partners with indigenous missionaries by providing a salary of $100/month salaries to spread the gospel in their own country. Indigenous missionaries know the people, the language, they love the food, and can drink the water. The average income in Uganda is $1,200/year. Providing a salary of $100/month these men and women are able to work full-time in spreading the gospel of the grace of God among their own people.
  • Salt Block Ministries partners with the Kakombo Clinic in Uganda with $200/month. This “bush clinic” is now a training station for the Nursing College in Iganga. The college sends nurses out for on-the-job-training at the Kakombo Clinic. The nurses stay in the nurse’s dorm at the clinic. This clinic has recently expanded with the Salt Block Children’s Ward because of the influx of patients.

Salt Block Ministries partners with the TreeLife Bible and Trade School to provide basic Bible skills for bush pastors and church leaders, as well as training in improved farming techniques, carpentry, plumbing, tailoring, cooking with herbs, family and health practices, and crafts/souvenir skills. These trades enable the pastors and their wives to earn an income for their families as they lead their churches in the bush.

The  Board of Directors of the TreeLife Ministries of Uganda (seen below) manages the funds that Salt Block Ministries supplies. Pastor Bubba Stahl travels to Uganda twice a year to teach pastors in the TreeLife College of Pastors.




The Board of Directors of Salt Block Ministries covers all of the administrative expenses of the ministry as well as the travel expenses of Pastor Stahl so that 100% of donations can go directly to the mission field.

Saltblock Ministries is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, 100% funded by charitable contributions.  A board of directors has oversight over the organization – providing accountability for the operations, the finances, the administration and the spiritual foundation of the ministry.