The TreeLife Bible and Trade School began with the first class of pastors in February, 2005. The school began to meet the need of the bush pastors who have not been able to go to school. Many of them come to the school unable to read. By the time they graduated these men own their first Bible and are able to read it. They are taught Old and New Testament survey classes, theology, hermeneutics, church history, ethics, sermon preparation, and pastoral ministry classes. The classes are limited to no more than 25 men.

They are also taught trade classes such as carpentry, plumbing, farming techniques, and tailoring. They are also taught English and Swahili in addition to their native language, which is Lugandan. The pastors attend class for one week a month, for twelve months. At the end of the twelve-week course they are awarded a certificate of completion. For most of these men, this is the only graduation ceremony they have ever or will ever again have. In recent years each man has received a new bicycle as a graduation present.

In 2006 the TreeLife Bible and Trade School added a lady’s class. They also attend for one week a month for twelve months. Many of these ladies have had no education, and like the men are not able to read. They are taught the same Bible classes as the men as well as the language classes. The trade classes teach family and health education, cooking with herbs and the financial income of a herb garden, tailoring, and how to make various crafts for the souvenir buyers.



You may sponsor a student in the TreeLife Bible and Trade School for $30/month for twelve months. The graduation gift of a sewing machine or a bicycle is an additional $100.