How Can I Help?

Saltblock Ministries is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, 100% funded by charitable contributions. In addition, 100% of the proceeds of Bubba’s book, “Salt Block: Heartwarming Stories from a Cowboy-Pastor”, goes to fund the ministry.

To order a book, The Salt Block; Heartwarming Stories from a cowboy pastor. Also available on Kindle. Please contact Beth at or visit

If you would like more information about the ministry and how you can help, email Beth at or Bubba at

Where the Money Goes

The Stahl family supports 100% of the operating expenses of Saltblock Ministries. Every penny of charitable contribution goes toward ministry in Uganda.

The vision for this ministry began in the hearts of Beth and Bubba on their first trip to Uganda, East Africa in 1998. As they met with local pastors in Eastern Uganda, they heard and saw the vision of these indigenous pastors:

  • To have a church planted in every village with a clinic and a school to minister to the whole man; spirit, soul, and body.
  • To partner with students and their educational expenses who were wanting to pursue their calling as a pastor, a doctor, a teacher, or a nurse.
  • To begin a school for bush pastors to learn the Bible and a trade to earn a living.

With these basic investments in education and evangelism individuals and churches in the United States can partner with pastors and church leaders in Uganda to advance the gospel of the grace of God.

Over the past eleven years the Stahls have been able to see and participate in several of these “church plants” and capital improvements in many villages in Uganda.

You can be involved by...

  • Becoming a prayer partner and regularly interceding for the mission trips and on-going ministry in Uganda.
  • Becoming a regular financial partner with a gift of any amount to support the Kakombo Clinic, the TreeLife Bible and Trade School, the TreeLife College of Pastors, or any of the ministries of Salt Block Ministries and/or TreeLife Ministries, Uganda.
  • Providing a one-time gift for the work of Salt Block Ministries and TreeLife Ministries, Uganda.
  • Sponsoring a student pastor, doctor, nurse, or teacher with $150/month for three years.
  • Sponsoring an indigenous missionary for $100/month.
  • Sponsoring a student in the Bible and Trade School with $30/month for one year. The students attend one week a month for twelve months.
  • Sponsoring a pastor to attend the TreeLife College of Pastors for $100 (four weeks at $25/week).
  • Sponsoring an evangelistic event, which plants a new church in village for $500, and/or an indigenous pastors and church leaders conference in the bush for $500.
  • Providing the land and first building for a new church plant for $3,000.

Thank you for your donation!

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