Salt Block Ministries help students with school expenses by finding sponsors that are willing to invest in their calling and education. After students in Uganda graduate from High School, they can begin their “graduate school” studies in colleges and universities in Uganda.

The fees for “graduate school” are around $1,800 per year. The fees include tuition, room and board, and books. The students attend three semesters per year. Most graduate degrees can be completed in three years. Students graduate with teaching degrees, nursing degrees, medical degrees (equivalent to our Physicians Assistant), and farm management degrees. Some have pursued law degrees. The average income for a family in Uganda is $1,200 a year, making it almost impossible for students from the “bush” to attend graduate school.

Salt Block Ministries partners with TreeLife Ministries, Uganda to locate qualified students from the Uganda churches that are associated with TreeLife. The Board of Directors of TreeLife knows the pastors of these churches. The students go through an interview process for a scholarship with the board as well as provide reports on progress while they are in school on a scholarship. The students provide pictures and information of themselves for the sponsor. All of the scholarship funds are handled by the Board of Directors of TreeLife Ministries directly with the schools the students attend.

Making an investment in the life of one of these students so that they can pursue God’s calling in their life with an $1,800 a year scholarship, for three years, is a huge blessing for the student as well as for the sponsor. Prayerfully consider being a sponsor for $150 per month.

To sponsor a student with a scholarship, email Bubba Stahl at, or Beth Stahl at, and communicate your desire to sponsor a teacher, nurse, doctor, or law student and we will begin the process for you. Pastor Bubba Stahl travels to Uganda twice a year and is able to get updated information for sponsors while he is in the country.